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TSO Host Cloud Hosting Review November 2017 (Updated)

2017-11-21 System Administrator 0 host

Are you considering changing the website theme to a new one? The old website theme might be too common or bored to look at, either it’s not attractive or lack of features. It’s when you really need to consider changing it to a newer website theme that not only offering more feature, but also search engine optimised and with proper coding inside. Why we strict to have a web site template that is SEO optimized and with html validated codes? It’s important to find a web template that will shows your website in majority of search engines properly and also display in user web browsers correctly regardless what web browser they are using.

You can try to put up the new website theme and design, give it a test run, and check for its W3C html compatibility. Make sure your web template’s HTML coding are W3C compliant and there is no mistake that will caused your website shows up incorrectly in certain web browser or mobile devices. Once you find the new web template that is fully compatible and html validated, you can have peace of mind to migrate to this web theme and continue to use it for future.

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Web user is using their most preferred web browser, and there are wide ranges of web browser available. The few famous web browsers include the Firefox, internet explorer, opera browser, and few more others. Firefox are getting more popular and Internet explorer still owns a big chunk of user segmentation. Different web browser view and display your website differently. And for sure you need to test your website in as many web browsers as possible. Load your website in Firefox and IE and view their different. Even after you are using CSS style sheet, your font still display differently in different web browser.

Even the large web hosting company homepage can’t get display correctly in certain web browser. And this hasn’t take into account the wide range of screen resolution used by user computer. For example there is basic 1024 width screen resolution and some user used the High Definition 1920 width screen resolution. How well your website will appear in these web browsers? Test it out. If your websites don’t appear correctly, get them fixed right the way. Our TsoHost review site using WordPress theme can’t shows correctly in some web browser until we get it fixed recently.

At here we are advice you to do the same, check your website in Firefox and Internet explorer at least. You can host your website at green web hosting from TsoHOST .


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